Floor Degrees:




Floor and Sjoerd have done there first obedience competion together, this went very well. They were 8th with 202 points,Floor and Sjoerd got 12 point for the NK obedience and are now in the 8th place overall! Really proud of our lovely girl!



BH (Begleithundprüfung/VZH)



27-10-2013 GG1 Competition Dronten 203,5 points




Floor is Diamond’s greatest friend. Floor was born in Germany but didn’t have quite to same start as Diamond. She was bought as a cute, little puppy but once she grew up, she had to stay outside all day. Floor didn’t cope very well with the situation and started to bark which annoyed the owners and the neigbours. As a ‘solution’ they placed her into a kennel and only let her out once per day. That was all she experienced during her first year. When I saw her, I knew one thing for sure: this wonderful dog deserved a better life, a new start and a loving owner. It took us two years of blood, sweat and tears but now she has turned into a grateful dog with a wonderful personality and a fantastic drive to work!

Due to health issues, Floor isn’t able anymore to compete in agility and flyball, two sports she really enjoyed and she performed very well in.


Recently Floor has started with the herding of runner ducks, something she enjoys a lot! She has also started with the starters course in treibball, in which she is already showing a lot of progress.